Australia - criminal conviction help!

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Australia - criminal conviction help! 


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When I was 16 I was given a referral order (basically community service) for ABH by the magistrates court, when I was 17 I was given a fine for drunken disorderly. I am now trying to apply for an Australian visa to go next year, I’ll be 21., it says if my conviction is under 6 months then I can apply for the ETA but I may be refused entry at the border so I might want to apply for the Tourist visa (subclass 600). Why would I be turned away at the border if my conviction sentence was under 12 months? 

Does anyone else have any advice/ precious experience of trying to go to aus with a past conviction?


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Hey mate,

Don’t quote me on this but my understanding is, they are only concerned if you have actually done 6 months or more in jail. I got a conviction for drunk and disorderly and obstructing an officer when i first got here and was applying for sponsorship.

There is a Facebook group called poms in oz, join there and repost the question, there are a number of australia based migrant agents on there who would be able to answer your concern.

Hope that helps.