Anyone free to drop everything?

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Anyone free to drop everything? 

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I’m a 23 year old English girl about to graduate,
Starting around May 2017 I want to start seeing the world but have found it difficult to gather a group with the same agenda.
My plans not concrete but I wanna visit Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam the most but as the king has passed and Thailand is dry I’m prepared to delay that until after the mourning period (November 2017)
Basically if anyone’s up for a long adventure I’m ready to make moves,
I wanna see something new and experience another culture
Ideal travel partner/s love going out having fun and drinking tongue wink

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Hey Jodie,

I hope you’re well. I’m actually planning the same trip as you, and I’m flying to Bangkok this June (my flight is booked). Have you made any more concrete plans / are you still heading out this May? smile