Insurance help: Non Resident

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Insurance help: Non Resident


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We’ve just booked our flights for 3 months in SE Asia heading off in February but now that it comes to booking insurance we’re realising that most companies won’t cover us because we’re no longer UK residents (Lived in Switzerland for the last 2 years, moving back to the UK in January).

By the time we move back we’ll also have lost our Swiss residency permits so effectively we’ll not be residents anywhere.

We really need some ideas of companies that my cover us.

Any suggestions?


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Hi there,

We can actually help out with this for you! As long as you will be departing from the UK on your trip and you have a UK postal address i will be able to help you out and get you covered for insurance!

If you give me a ring on 0208 865 0774 we can have a chat about it and get you sorted!