Travel mates for any months in 2017

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Travel mates for any months in 2017

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Hi there

I am an 18 y/o female currently taking a gap year for 10 months from now until September. I have always wanted to travel and so am making the most of the free time I have to see as many places as possible.

Most of my friends are at college/ going off to uni/ completely disinterested so I am ideally looking for people to accompany me of similar intentions as travelling alone as a complete novice and as a female is daunting. I am open to locations but would love to see places such as South East Asia, Bali Thailand, goa, Australia etc !!

please feel free to message me/ ask for my deets !!!

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Im a 19yr old guy who’s interested in backpacking Southeast Asia starting May 2017. Ive planned to travel Vietnam with a friend, who unfortunately, at the moment isnt sure he can get enough money up together. I also want to backpack Thailand, Cambodia and Laos, but would like someone to travel with.

Would you like to travel with us, or meet up along the way?

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hey smile
Im looking to travel around thailand, bali, australia and possibly tokyo, for 2 months, maybe longer. Planning to leave towards the end of may 2017, although my dates and locations are quite flexible.
Wanting to do a lot of sightseeing and fun activities.
Ive been looking at prices, and have managed to find flights and airbnb extremely cheap smile
so if interested in joining me, let me know smile i will be flying out from london


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Traveling Bali/Thailand/SE Asia January 2017 and on!

Let’s meet up! Just looking for friends who are fun and trustworthy!


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Hey all, I’m looking to travel this year, very flexible nothing booked yet. Will be flying out from london! Message me for more details looking for a travel buddy!

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Hi! I would love to volunteer with animals in exchange for food and accommodation for a few months in Australia. Let me know if you want to join. I am free anytime between Sep. 2017 - May 2018.

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Hey all,

I’m flying to Bangkok from Heathrow on June 18 this year. I’m planning to travel around SE Asia for a few months before heading to Australia in October. Is anybody thinking of doing this route? I’m backpacking solo so would love to find some travel buddies! grin



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Hey all,  I’m looking to travel for a couple months Starting May/June 2017 and SEA has been on my list for a while! I would love to join some of you if you are going smile

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Im very flexible with dates as i finish work on april 24th, im looking for someone to travel with and would love to go to Thailand, south america asia and bali!

I have as much time as i need and want to explore whilst i still can, messege me if you are in a similar situation!!

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Hi, you wanna join me for unknown in Switzerland?


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Hi, I am 18 from the UK. Looking for an someone to go interrailing with me this summer probably in August. Let me know if you are interested, James

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Hi, I am 18 and from the United States. I am looking for a group to explore basically anywhere in Europe, SE Asia, Australia, and NZ. I am taking a gap year starting this summer until fall of 2018. I am looking for people who are passionate about making videos and taking photos, or just being in photos and videos haha. I am an experienced traveler and have already been to Europe, Asia, and South America. My Instagram handle is @tylerwilli. Contact me if you are interested. I would love to eventually make money vlogging or grab some sponsors!

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Im 18 from the US.  I graduate may 26th and plan on traveling this summer.  Dont really have anything planned but am willing to go anywhere and do anything.

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Hey All,

Landing in Ho Chi Minh City on the 25th of July and planning on traveling extensively through Vietnam, followed possibly with Cambodia & Thailand.

Looking to head north from Ho Chi Minh up through Nha Trang, Hoi Anh, Hue, Sapa and Hanoi.

Fairly flexible on traveling arrangements and open to any ideas.

Friends are all at uni or locked into football season so are unable to travel. Looking for partners in crime for an awesome holiday haha.

If anyones keen, let me know.