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Backpacking buddies


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I am thinking about travelling Europe next year. I am from England and am turning 18 in August 2017 and want to try travelling for a few months to see if i want to travel more or go to university. I really want to explore the Mediterranean and other places in central Europe and am thinking about backpacking and stating in hostels. I would be going from mid August to December 2017, it will be my first time travelling alone. The plan is to come home in December, however if i enjoy it and don’t run out of money I would travel for longer. If anyone preferably 17-25 years old is interested in joining me or has any tips feel free to message me. I also really want to go to Fiji and Hawaii.


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Hello Nancy,
I’m also travelling next year but in Feb / Mar

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Hello Nancy! I’m graduating this summer and I would really like to go travelling for a month, however all of my friends are either broke or have other plans…

I am looking to go anytime from 24th July onwards. The initial plan was to go interraling in Eastern Europe, however I’m easy as of where we go.

I’d also be up for going South East Asia (Thailand etc.) or any other destinations.