Travel buddy SE ASIA Jan/feb 2017

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Travel buddy SE ASIA Jan/feb 2017

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Hey guys!!
I’m Lara and i’m 18 years old, currently in my gap year.

I really want to travel around SE ASIA (Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam)
but want to avoid going alone as will be my first experience of travelling!!

I want to leave at the end of January 2017..
Interested in nature, scenery, wildlife, culture, beaches but also going out/partying ! I’m very easy going and a sociable person

Please get in touch if you’re interested!!


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I’m Lydia and I am in a very similar situation to you I am also in my gap year and don’t want to go travelling alone and am looking for a travel buddy to share the experiences with!! Xx

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I’m Elliot, 19 years old and on my gap year. I’m in the same situation and want to travel SE Asia. I’m saving money at the moment but would have enough by the start of March.

Would you be up for travelling with a guy? Let me know, if youre interested and we can chat on Skype. grin

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Hi guys! I’m in the same situation.. Don’t really wanna go by myself so let me know if you’d like to join me! smile

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hiya! im the same as you, want to travel in that time in SE asia but wouldnt want to go alone !


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Hi, I’m Nat 18 and as you have guessed also in the same situation and looking to do the exact same countries.
Planning on doing partying as well as going off track back packing which is why a group would be good If anyone is interested message me