2017 looking for backpacking mates

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2017 looking for backpacking mates

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Hello, smile

I am Roald 21 and i am from the Netherlands.

Im looking for one or more people to backpack with in the year 2017.
I was hoping to discover more of europe.
I am currently planning a smaller trip in january to/through Germany to get some experience and to train for larger trips.
The trip to germany is ment to last three to four weeks and i would like to hitch rides and camp in the woods most of the time. making fires and exploring nature. I would very much welcome anyone to experience this trip to germany with me.
If i cannot find anyone in time i will still go and do this on my own but i would love to have anyone along.
I am also looking for a longer more expanded trip or trips through europe or maybe even further than just europe. i have from January 2017 untill December 2017 to explore the world and im certainly not planning on wasting any chances.
If you are looking for someone to travel and explore with or you are planning a trip with people and wouldn’t mind having me along please hit me up.

Best regards,
Roald Jurrian Kamman