Travel mates 2017

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Travel mates 2017

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Hey smile
Im planning to travel around bali, thailand, australia and perhaps tokyo (open to other suggestions), around the end of may 2017, i plan on going for around 2 months, maybe longer, again dates are flexible.
I will be flying from london, and am looking for someone or a few people, to join me on the whole journey smile, i have been looking at prices for flights and airbnb and have found extremely affordable options!
Wanting to do a lot of sightseeing and fun activities.
so if interested in joining me, let me know smile


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Hey guys!

I am also graduating in summer and am thinking about going travelling any time from mid June- mid September! ATM I have no-one to go with as most of my friends graduated last year or have no money!!

My first thought was to go around USA however I am up for anywhere really, SE Asia also sounds good!

If you are still looking for people to travel with then pop me a message!

Charlotte grin grin


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I was thinking about going traveling for as long as possible to as many as possible.
I was thinking about going in a campervan and possibly working while traveling to cover the costs.
I am open to suggestions about anything though
I was looking to go after college so hopefully anything from mid -end of July onwards