SE Asia Summer 2017

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SE Asia Summer 2017

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Hey everyone,

I’m a UK 20 year old looking to do some typical travelling in South East Asia but unfortunately none of my friends can afford to do it with me and after travelling alone before I would really like to find someone to do it with me. Ideally I’m thinking Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines, doing a lot of crazy stuff (zipping, canyoning etc) so would love to find someone to help maybe hold my hand before any big jumps. Looking to do it pretty cheap as I am a student and the extravagance of hostels hasn’t quite worn out yet. Let me know if you’re interested smile smile smile

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Hey Olivia. How’s your travel planning going? I’m heading to Thailand in June this year and will be going to all of the destinations you’ve listed. I’m travelling solo too so I’d love to find friends before I leave smile