Best route/times/flights for SE Asia and Australia & Costs?

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Best route/times/flights for SE Asia and Australia & Costs?


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I am planning to travel round SE Asia with my boyfriend finishing in Australia.

The plan is to go in November 2017 as this is when the weather is best in Thailand. We would like to stay round SE Asia for four months (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia) then travel to Singapore, then Bali before flying to Australia for around 5/6 weeks. We are then looking to book a hop on hop off bus to take us from Cairns to Melbourne. Resulting in a 6 month trip.

We are looking to save £6 grand. This is our first travels so I would just like some advice on whether this route is realistic, with timings and our budget. How much time do we need to spend in each area?

We want to book flights in the next few weeks so I am wondering is it best to book a RTW type package or book flights separate?

I am also interested in staying in Melbourne for an extra 6 months after these travels so I might buy a working visa and stay on my own and work. How much money should I save for this? And will it be easy for me as a young woman to meet people?

Any help would be amazing, thanks in advance.