Europe 2017

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Europe 2017

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Looking for someone (aged between 18-20) who’d like to travel around Europe with me this Summer 2017. Haven’t decided at all in terms of which countries to go. I’m very flexible with timing and accommodation, as long as it feels like an adventure!

Feel free to message me!


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I was thinking of going to as many places as possible for as long as possible and if it is affordable I was thinking about a camper van and possibly working to cover the costs.
Is it just Europe you are thinking of?
Did you have any other plans?

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Hey, I was looking at interrailing through Europe over the summer holidays to get a feel for travelling before I go hopefully around the world in Decemberish!
I’m open to any plans and places, just looking to have that experience of a life time! If you’re interested feel free to message me ☺️

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Hey! I’m thinking about going travelling around Europe in September 2017! Id like to start off close to the United Kingdom and stay in hostels and find little jobs along the way to help myself fund from location to location! I’m 19 years old and from the England and all


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Hi, I am 18 and from the UK. I am also travelling Europe this summer. I will be using interrail for travel and airbnb/hostels for accomidation. Let me know if you want to join me-James