Anyone want to travel around Europe and Asia?

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Anyone want to travel around Europe and Asia?

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I’m Willow and I’m an 18 year old student in the last year of A-levels. I want to have a break next year and just explore! I’m looking for someone/ a few people to go with as my friends are all off straight to uni. My plan is to earn + save money up until new year and then go off in January! I like the idea of just starting off somewhere and seeing where we end up and probably doing it pretty cheaply because It’ll be on the wages of a waitress.
Anyway I’m looking to meet some fun new people all over the world but I just don’t think I trust myself to start off alone and I’m not used to having this much control over my life having been in education for all of it wink so it’s all a bit intimidating and I’d like someone/ some people who I can work it out with and share to share the experience.

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Hey I’m in my last year of a levels and all my friends are going straight to uni too! I was looking at interrailing around Europe for some of the summer holidays to get a feel for travelling before I go for a few months in December! After that I pretty much want to do an around the world trip!

If you’re interested at all let me know!! grin

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Hey! I am in the exact same situation, taking a gap year before going to uni, i am flexible with dates but was also looking to save a bit more before going. I was interested in interailing across Europe to start off as I have never really been travelling before and its relatively close. I also would love to visit countries like Thailand and Nepal. If your interested then feel free to message me privately so we can organise something smile