6 Month Trip Through OZ & Thailand

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6 Month Trip Through OZ & Thailand

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Aiming to venture to Australia (mainly east/ south east) around September time 2017 from the UK after recently graduating from uni and realising I don’t want the 9 till 5 life just yet!

Tempted to have a few weeks stop off in Thailand experiencing some full moon parties etc and break the journey up a bit. Not planning on staying in OZ for longer than a year so won’t be doing any of the agricultural work but looking to have a working VISA just to pick up some extra money on the way through.

Currently going alone so if anyone would like to join me or meet up in different locations feel free to add me on facebook ‘Ben Hewer’


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I looking to go traveling when I have finished college this year.
I was looking to go to as many places for as long as possible
My original idea was to get a campervan but dont know if it is affordable so in thinking about just a car instead