6-9 months in SE Asia & Oz

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6-9 months in SE Asia & Oz


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Morning guys, I am jetting off to Melbourne on 01/03/17 to start 6-9 months backpacking. I intend to spend no more that 4 weeks in Melbourne due to the cost of living and will spend the remaining months in Indonesia/Thailand/Vietnam and surrounding areas (Phillipines/Laos/Cambodia etc).

1) Re visa’s - I’ve seen that for Vietnam and Indonesia you aren’t required to get a visa prior to travelling if only intending to stay for 15/30 days respectively. If I enter the countries with no visa’s, can anyone advise as to how simple it is to obtain a visa whilst in the countries should plans change i.e. I want to stay longer in Vietnam/Indonesia?

2) For 6-9 months I’m looking at between £6000 &£7000. My flight out is booked and I have my Australian working holiday visa boxed off too. Can anyone reassure me that £6000- £7000 is going to be enough for 6-9 months incorporating Oz and SE Asia? I like simple living and wont be splashing out on expensive meals or accommodation.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!