Australia November 2017, need friends lol

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Australia November 2017, need friends lol

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I’m planning on travelling to Australia in November this year alone as most of my friends want to start working straight after graduation. Was wondering if anyone else is planning on going around a similar time so I might have some company for any part of my trip?
No proper plans for what I’m doing there yet but I know I will be starting and finishing in Sydney.


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I was thinking about going traveling when I finish college this year and possibly in a camper van
I was ringing about going to as many places for as long as possible but have no definate plans yet

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Hi Olivia,
I am planning on being in Australia in November! I was looking at maybe doing an organised tour that lasts about 25 days and includes travelling the east coast and going to Alice Springs, I think it ends in Sydney if not it ends in Melbourne!
Are you looking to go for the whole month?

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I am flying into Melbourne on the 8th November 2017. I was planning on flying to Cairns after and then down the East Coast where I will finish up in Sydney hoping to find work!
Does anyone have any advice? I have looked at tours with STA and i’m not sure whether its worth going with a tour group or just braving it by myself - I am absolutely petrified! Is anyone else doing anything similar?!

Charlotte grin

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Hi Olivia!

I’m doing exactly the same! Everyone wants to settle down in a job after graduation and I’m like no thanks haha! I’m heading out to Aus end of dec/beginning of jan with a friend for 2/3 weeks but then she’s flying back home as just going to see her sister… so leaving me there with no friends… so daunting but I’m super excited! What are you thinking of doing? I’ll most likely be heading to Sydney first as my friend wants to do the east coast whilst she’s there, but other than that I have nothing planned and just see where I end up!


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Hey! I’m in the same position as most of you, friends getting ‘real’ jobs and I couldn’t think of anything worse!
Desparate to see some of Australia and probably end up working in Sydney, just a but hesitant to book flights on my own!
Done a bunch of travelling already but always with someone.
Planning on going in November/December if I can find some like minded people to go with!
Feel free to add me on Facebook, my names Emma Coleman smile

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Hey guys,

I’m hoping to be in oz myself early next year for about 6 months as part of a around the world trip! I’m trying to get a group together for as much of the trip as possible, so it would be great to meet up with some of you guys along the way! I’ll be doing a work-holiday visa for part of my stay and hopefully travelling the east coast for the rest. Hope I hear from some of you soon, please feel free to message me!

Thanks Adam

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Hi Everyone!

I’m planning to go Sydney in December and find a job there.. I haven’t really got any specific plans yet but I’m on the same boat as you all haha..  Hollaaa if you wanna link up!


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Hey everyone smile

I am leaving London on November 1st and will be flying into Sydney. I will be working my way up the East Coast to Cairns where I will then look for farm work so that I can get my second year visa.
If anyone wants to add me/chat, i’ll be happy to chat about it and maybe find friends to meet up with over there?

Zoe xx