Australia November 2017, need friends lol

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Australia November 2017, need friends lol

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Hi all I booked a flight last night too Sydney on the 15 November from London Heathrow. I’m going solo for a month up the east coast, hostels all the way!
Iv got nothing booked apart from 2 nights in wake up hostel so I guss I’ll see where the wind takes me!
Anyone Gona be around then?? I would like to hire a car and drive some of if rather then getting a bus the hole way! Let me know if anyone is keen?

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I’m arriving in Brisbane on the 10th October and plan on travelling the east coast for a while before finding work.

I spent 4 weeks in Australia in march mostly around the south and some time in Melbourne and Sydney. Loved it! (hence why I’m going back).

I can recommend some decent hostels in Sydney, Wake Up is one of them.

Organised tours have their perks becuase if you go with the right company you can often see places other tourists might not know about, they also try to take you at the less busy times of day meaning better photo opportunities etc. You do have less freedom though.

Add me on Facebook if you have any Q’s grin Katie Enwright