Travelling the world with bike and without money :)

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Travelling the world with bike and without money :)

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Hi Guys smile
My name is Jones and I am planning to travel the world with my bike trying to spend very few or at best no money. I am keen to show that money is not the key to travelling. However, I will work during my trip to avoid worst case scenarios and pay flights. 
I plan to start my Journey soonest on 22nd of February and finish approx. August. I have no certain route yet but probably I’ll come around in Europe, Asia and Australia/ New Zealand. To be honest my travelling mate left me alone and I would really appreciate if someone would like meeting me on my journey or at best even accompanying me for a while. I am a very open-minded person and love (sharing) advantures and new stuff in my life. Soo yeah, I am from Germany, 22 years old and dropped out of Uni to make my own experiences instead of studying others by guess what?! Travelling. Having some experiences with media and editing I am considering filming a short documentary about nature and people I meet. I am not a fan of social media so the only way to contact me is via WhatsApp.
So if all that did not discourage you my number is +491534691513
(haven’t spoken english in a while, sorry long face )