SE Asia Feb/March

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SE Asia Feb/March

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Hey!! I’m currently on my gap year and I want to travel but all my friends are busy with uni etc and I don’t want to go on my own because it’s my first experience at traveling. I’m flexible on dates/destinations etc but I want to go for 2 weeks - 1 month. If anyone’s in the same situation let me know smile
Lydia x


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Hi i’m trying to find people for the same kind of thing, for the same reasons as u (on gap year but everybody else is doing things already) Feb march is the only time i have free also.

Do you think you would be up for maybe trying to assemble a small group to possibly go travelling with for a month or so, maybe for or five people.

If you want to get in touch i don’t really understand this website, so message me on FB: :D

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Hi Lydia.
I am hoping to go to Thailand in February for around three weeks, but looking for someone( or group of people) to go with as all my friends are tied up with work. Have you already made a travel plan? I’m keen to make some plans with others and to travel out together…
Get in touch if you’re still looking for people to go with and feel free to ask any questions you want.


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Hey guys,

I am in SE Asia for February and March. 4 weeks in Thailand, 1 in Cambodia and 2 in Vietnam. I’ve also encountered the all-my-friends-are-at-uni problem!