Travelling to Thailand, Cambodia, Laos in March-April

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Travelling to Thailand, Cambodia, Laos in March-April

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Hi guys!I am 23 years old, romanian living in UK and before I go to University I want to visit some countries starting with South East Asia.
I am planning to go on a trip to Thailand. I don’t have anything booked yet but I would like to go sometime in March, for a few weeks but my dates are flexible. First I will be in Bangkok and then heading to the South. I would like to visit the surrounding countries such as Cambodia and Laos but I am open to other suggestions. It’s my first time planning a trip alone and I am quite nervous so it would be nice to meet some people to hangout or travel with.
I have never been backpacking but I am open to it. I would like to explore the culture, the food, visit some temples, meet new people, socialize and have fun.
If anyone wants to meet before that would be great and we can plan something together but if not no worries I will be happy to get in touch here and meet along the way.
Look forward to hearing from you smile


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Heeeey your post seems the exact same as mine! When are u wanting to travel? X

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Hi Cata and Bethany.
Are you both still looking for travel companions?
I am 28 (female) from Devon. Really wanting to go away for around three weeks to Thailand in February. Mainly to the south to spend plenty of time on the beach, but keen to do some exploring to see some sites as well.

Ideally i’d like to partly plan the trip with others and to travel out together.

Let me know your thoughts and pease ask me any questions you want..



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Hi birdie

Yes still looking for a travel buddy .. Can I ask are you looking for more of a holiday as its only three weeks or are u up for longer?

Bethany X

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Hi, me and another from this forum are looking to book for Feb 18 to go to Bangkok, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Bali then onto Australia to do some work and travel the east coast. I’m 27, he’s 22.. obviously this will be way longer than 3 weeks but could join us for part of it? Message if interested

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Hey girls Im 27 from Ireland and I’m planning on Travelling to Thailand as well, I want to see Bangkok and then Cambodia and possibly more! Add me on Facebook or whatsapp me if you’d like

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Hey smile
I’m also traveling in South-East Asia soon! For now I’m alone but I’d love to find some travel buddies.
I have kind of a plan in head right now but it is not definitive and I know it may change during the trip. I’m landing in Bangkok on the 24th of february, will stay there for a few days, and will then head to Myanmar (approx. 2 weeks), then will go to either the south of China or the North of Lao before heading to Vietnam (2/3 weeks), then Cambodia (1 or 2 weeks), then Malaisia and Singapore (2 weeks), and then spend the rest of the trip in Indonesia. My plane back home is on the 23th of June in Jakarta!

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Hey! I’ll (30/m) be travelling to Hanoi, Vietnam March 3. I’ll be spending March and April travelling through Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. It would be cool to connect with anyone with a similar agenda!