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Hi guys! I’m from Australia and was looking to travel around Cambodia/ Laos/ Thailand/ Vietnam (Any or all).
Very flexible with timing but was hoping to go around December/ January/ February of late 2017, early 2018. For about a month or so (length also very flexible).
This is my first time travelling so I’m a bit wary to go on my own. Looking for people to come with me/ meet there! Let me know if you’re interested smile


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I was thinking about traveling for as long as outside to as many places as possible when I finish college, I was also thinking about getting a campervan if it is affordable and possibly work while traveling to cover the costs
I also don’t want to go on my own as I haven’t even left the UK before

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Hey, if either of you are still planning on SE asia for the beginning of 2018 February time ish… give a heads up, have a chat and maybe see if we can meet either in the U.K. Or over there.

Hope all your plans are working great so far =]

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Hi I’m 26 and looking to travel to all the same places at a similar time to you. Give me a message if you’d be interested in travelling together x


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Have you guys planned anything together for this. I’m planning on travelling to southeast Asia end of December or beginning of January 2018 (i’m flexible). Please let me know if you’ve planned anything. I would love to join if we are planning similar activities.

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Hey guys, I’m planning on going early Feb 2018 to SE Asia then Australia. I have already spoke to a few people on this and speak quite regularly about what we plan on doing. Anyway feel free to drop a message



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Hi guys, I am new to this website and I am looking at going to the exact same places around December and beginning of 2018.
Please feel free to message me, never been travelling before so very new and excited!

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Honestly, you will be super rushed if you try fit all them in a month. You would want 3 months ideally. Depends how flexible you are

If it’s 1 thing I’ve learnt so far travelling is that you shouldnt rush too much, you need to enjoy each country for what it is. I’ll be in se asia from mid August until January covering 7 countries, having already done some of Thailand and Cambodia on a previous trip.

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Hey smile

I’m from Canada and have plans in India near the end of 2017. It could be something you guys are interested in, especially if you’re already traveling around (SE) Asia.

If any of you needed ideas or more plans, a way to fill out a space in your traveling schedule, or even just a different way of really immersing yourself in a culture, this can be it!

It’s a totally different experience.

If anyone is interested, check out my post on POD Volunteer-INDIA-November/December 2017! It explains my plans in a lot more detail smile

Ask me any questions!

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Hey, I’m heading out travelling in November to Japan, but I will be hitting up SE-Asia from early December. Probably going to be in the area , or at least a nearby country somewhere, until May. I’ll be hopping over to Oz to start my WHV after that.

If anyone is out that way and would be up for meeting, drop me a message.


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Heya..My name is Adele.Its actually exact days when we are going(my friend Daria from Ukraine).But we start in Thailand->Laos->Vietnam->Cambodia and back to Thailand.Please let us know,our days are flexible as well