Travel mates for mid Sept til mid Dec!!! --(Not around Europe, preferably)

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Travel mates for mid Sept til mid Dec!!!—(Not around Europe, preferably)


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Hello! I am a Spanish 22, soon 23, year old girl planning some gap months.
My main idea would be to do it from mid september (around the 20th) until at most mid-late December, as I want to spend christmas at home. Either way, I will be free from mid August, and was planning to do a volunteering program for a couple of weeks somewhere, if anyone is also interested.

My idea so far is to travel to Canada for the first month, more or less, and stay most of the time if possible in a type of acommodation (volunteer work for acomodation), mainly a hostel or something similar, to meet as many people as possible.
Then I would like to go to the US, preferably the west coast, California or so, and do the same thing also for a month, more or less.
The rest of the time we could travel around the country, or even go somewhere in South America.

If anyone is looking for something similar, let me know.
Also if you have some other alternative plan for those months (mid sept-mid december) let me know and we can see if we can get to an agreement, I am quite open with destinations, but preferably not Europe, as I’ve already been doing some trips around Europe.

Some extra information: My budget is tight, but not too much. I like nature, hiking, biking and walking around cities. But I also am a party lover, nightlife is a thing I’m very interested in. I kind of half-half, I can do chilling with a bbq, or raving at a club, so I want both things in my trip if possible smile
Looking forward to meeting some of you.


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I will be 19 but the time of traveling and from the UK, I was looking to go traveling after college for as long as possible and to as many places

I was thinking about getting a campervan if I can afford it, as it will be travel and accommodation as well as storage for items

I was looking to go anywhere but mainly in America would interest me more but I am open to suggestions