Travel Buddy- Europe 2017!

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Travel Buddy- Europe 2017!


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Hi, my name is Alex and I’m an Australian gap year student currently residing near London.
I am looking at travelling around Europe via Inter-rail sometime around July-August and would like a buddy to accompany me. I am still in the planning stages of my trip however countries that are on my list are; Germany, Spain, Greece, Amsterdam, Italy and France, but of course am open to new suggestions.
I would describe myself as adventurous and laid-back and will be 18 at the time. I would prefer a female buddy who is also willing to travel on the cheap! Anyway, to all of you out there; let me know if this interests you smile


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I was looking to go traveling to as many places for as long as possible when I’ve finished college.

I wasn’t thinking about inter railing but I am open to suggestions

I haven’t had a job so will have to try not to spend that much money


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Hey! grin

My name Hanna an I’m from Austria. I’m also looking for a travel buddy, and I also want to visit all the countries you’ve mentioned.

Reply if you’re interested! grin

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hello hanna how are you .ıf you want I can join your travel.send me message please.thank you