Storing medication while backpacking

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Storing medication while backpacking


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Hi all,

I’ve looked around on this one and seen some mixed advice.

I’m about to set off for 6 months’ backpacking, and am not sure how best to store medication I need to bring with me. This includes 7 boxes of mallarone and a similar amount of stomach meds. As it stands, these things in combination would take up a lot of room in my bag.

Some people say only to keep medicine in original boxes. I’m inclined to keep a couple of boxes (to show what they are), and then store the rest in the foil packs only… or perhaps get pill bottles.

But it would be great to hear how others manage this - especially given that 6 months isn’t all that long, so I’m sure plenty of people have had to lug far more around!

Thank you!