Looking for travel buddies! Interrail July 2017

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Looking for travel buddies! Interrail July 2017

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My name is Maya and I’m 18 and from the UK. I am planning to go Interrailing starting mid July! I plan to go for about 3 weeks! Looking for people to travel with.

Let me know if you’re interested!

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I will be flying to Stockholm on 16th August to start my interrailing trip and will be travelling throughout Europe until 19th September.  If you would be in any city at the same time it would be nice to travel together.

I was meant to be traveling with a friend but they have bailed.

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Hey are yiu still planning on going interrailing?

Georgia x

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Hey everyone, i’m planning to interrail Europe from mid July till mid Aug. i’m 35% done with planning the trip. would be nice to make some new friends in the way or maybe get a travel buddy.

let’s keep in touch. this is my instagram @ammar2instagram

(for some reason i can’t add a profile pic. anybody knows why?)