18 month in Mallorca

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18 month in Mallorca


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Hi there,

My partner of 10 years has been offered a job in Palma Mallorca. We are 34 and 35 and own a house in South Wales. Currently we both work full time. I can take a career break from my job and he would, obviously, have to quit his

I’ve got a couple of concerns…. As i’m on a career break I’m not supposed to work. I’m worried about getting board or feeling isolated. He will be working full time and I believe that the company he will be working for will require him to get involved in the social aspect of the business (cycling).

Also, at this time, we do plan on coming back to the UK. What can i put in place to secure our lives as best as possible for when we do come back. We are going to rent our house but where do i tell the council i’m living and the bank and all stuff like that? i don’t want to fall off of the edge of the UK whilst I’m away. or am i overthinking this?

thanks guys, xxx