East Coast Australia April/May 2017

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East Coast Australia April/May 2017

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I’m 19 and from the UK, about to jet off to oz!!!
I’m leaving London for Sydney on 18th of April and have a rough plan to travel from Sydney to Cairns on greyhound buses, in around 7 weeks before flying to Bangkok. I’m travelling on my own and completely daunted by it haha, so was hoping I could find any others doing a similar thing at a similar time. I’ll be staying in hostels and drinking cheap wine out of boxes. Let me know, I need friends xxx

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Hey!! I’m going from London to Sydney on May 9th and I’m also completely terrified of doing it alone so it’d be nice to meet you at some point along the east coast!! xx

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hey hey! i’m going to Australia within the next month (if i can grow balls to book my flights!!) shitting it to go on my own but heading out to sydney to start with and hopefully explore the east coast, so would be cool to meet up xx


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I’m from the UK and planning on heading to Aus in a couple of weeks! Also want to try to head to NZ too. Happy to meet up with any friendly faces while out there!