Asia March-June 2018

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Asia March-June 2018

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My name is Daphne Varekamp and I live in the Netherlands. Next year I want to travel through Asia for 3/4 months, preferably around March /April/May/June. I will be 18 then. My previous travel buddy canceled on me, so I need a new travelbuddy (or buddies) wink

My plans so far are starting in Japan in March/April and then backpacking through South-Korea, China, Vietnam, Cambodja etc. and ending up in Indonesia in June. Everything is negotiable, though. We still have a year to plan.

I speak fluent Dutch and English and I also want to learn Italian in my gap year.

Message me if you’re interested or have any further questions about my plans ^^

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Hello! I’m also interested in doing this but at a slightly later date wink I’m an 18 year old soon to be 19, male from England, Is there an easier way for me to contact you, such as some for, of social media let me know!