SE Asia 2017 amazing adventure

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SE Asia 2017 amazing adventure

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Hi everyone, Im Felipe, 28, ive been thinking to go to SE Asia this year maybe around july or augost (thailnd, vietnam, Laos, indonesia, Phillipines) . My dates and countries are flexible. Mi idea is to travel with very small budget as this countries are very cheap and do it for as long as possible. the accommodation and many other things are usually cheaper for 2 people than just for one but also cheaper in group than just one person. So im looking for nice people to make a nice group or even just another person its also ok as long as you are nice we can have a great adventure. Ive been thnking to do a youtube Channel with nice videos of the trip, so it would be the possibility to make some money later and hopefully keep traveling with that. but yea this is another discussion we can have if you are interested and motivated. im not looking for any random person that just wants to travel but for someone or more than one who is nice to travel with and is really motivated. basicaly we cant enjoy traveling together if we dont get along. im very easy going so i think its not hard if you are the same. dont hesitate to send me a message if this plan appeals to you! i would like to hear from you, cheers. Felipe


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Are you still looking for someone to travel with? I’m planning the same areas starting from September and would really like someone to travel with if you’re interested.