Australia - travel buddies needed!

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Australia - travel buddies needed! 

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Hi! I’m Katie, I currently work full time as do all my friends - but I’m wanting to head out to Australia September 2017 time, however I don’t really want to take the plunge and go by myself hence this post! Is anyone else thinking of doing the same or something similar? grin


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Hey. I’m looking to travel then too. Will be 24 by then. All my friends work full time too



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Hey guys, i may be in Australia around that time too, private message me more info please.

Also check out you may find other travelers heading off to Australia around sept as well.

Keep me updated!

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I also am doing the same thing heading out to melbourne in August smile

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Hi Katie,

I’m looking at going August/September time. What are your plans? X

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I am also hoping to go out to Australia in September this year! What are your plans? Where would you all be travelling from?