Australia solo traveling in Sept

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Australia solo traveling in Sept

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Hi! grin

I’m going to be traveling to Aus in early September and going over with a working holiday visa as well!

I plan on starting in Sydney and finding casual work to fund my travels to see as much of Aus as I can.

Is anyone looking to do the same? Would love to meet others with similar plans.

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Hey Mel
I will be travelling to Sydney late September early October or sooner. I wish to travel all over, spending a few months in each location maybe.
Plan it more when I get to Sydney grin
I will also want to be doing 3months regional work in and around the places to get my second year granted grin
Bali looks an awesome place to spend some time.
Anyways message me if you want to talk more about it grin

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I am planning on doing something similar not sure if Ill land in sydney or melbourne. Planning on leaving in August but we could meet up at some point?
Here is a link to my facebook
georgia x