Need a Travel Buddy for 2018 gap year

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Need a Travel Buddy for 2018 gap year


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Hi! I’m a college student who desperately needs a break from college because I have no idea what I want to do with my life. So I’m taking a gap year! I’m hoping to start in the spring/summer 2018.
I’m looking for a female buddy roughly my age (19) who would be willing to take a year off and go explore the world with me!
I’m not sure what countries and cities I want to visit yet. I have a list of places I would love to travel to, but nothing is set in stone. I just want to visit and explore as many places as possible.
If you think you might be interested, definitely message me!!
I’m fine with being a solo travel but I would love to make a friend that I can share all of my experiences with.


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I was looking to go travelling anytime from July this year, but would have to save money before then, so I was thinking about doing the 2018 Mongol Rally depending on a team if you would like to join. I will be 20 by July 2018.

After that I was thinking about travelling to other places.

If you would like to know more, let me know and I can let you know more of my plans.