Need a Travel Buddy for 2018 gap year

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Need a Travel Buddy for 2018 gap year


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Hi! I’m a college student who desperately needs a break from college because I have no idea what I want to do with my life. So I’m taking a gap year! I’m hoping to start in the spring/summer 2018.
I’m looking for a female buddy roughly my age (19) who would be willing to take a year off and go explore the world with me!
I’m not sure what countries and cities I want to visit yet. I have a list of places I would love to travel to, but nothing is set in stone. I just want to visit and explore as many places as possible.
If you think you might be interested, definitely message me!!
I’m fine with being a solo travel but I would love to make a friend that I can share all of my experiences with.


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I was looking to go travelling anytime from July this year, but would have to save money before then, so I was thinking about doing the 2018 Mongol Rally depending on a team if you would like to join. I will be 20 by July 2018.

After that I was thinking about travelling to other places.

If you would like to know more, let me know and I can let you know more of my plans.



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Hello there! I’m a 24 year old female currently living in London. i am starting my travels early January 2018 in Thailand doing volunteer work for 3 weeks and then over to Cambodia and across to Bali. Here is where my ‘planned’ trip ends and will be free floating as such. I’m looking to head over to south America, starting in Argentina and then travelling up as i would like to head up to central America later. Time is no problem and do not wish to spend months here so not looking to see everything and everything of course however will be on a budget as us travellers like so hostels would be the place of rest.

Please get in touch if you are looking for a travel buddy through south America and America should you wish for march 2018! or alternativley if you were interested in joining for the first part of the journey too I’m sure thing could be arranged if we get along! gringrin

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Hi! My name is Lara and I am 18. I would like to work with animals during my gap year (Sep. 2017-May 2018). I will be travelling around Europe. I already have most of my plans set in the end of 2017. It would be great to have a buddy to work with me in 2018. I will work with sled dogs in Norway, Sweden, and Finland in January and February. In March, I will go to work at a monkey sanctuary in Ireland for a month. In April, I will work at a zoo in Hungary specifically working with exotic animals. The rest of the months are still unknown. These plans are not set in stone yet but this is a basic outline. I can also speak German and Spanish which may help us as we are travelling. Let me know if you are interested!

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Hi, I’m a 23 year old female looking to travel around the same time, summer 2018. Looking to go SE Asia, Bali is definitely top of my list but would love Philippines, Vietnam etc and then I want to head to Australia for a while and potentially get some temp work and travel round the east coast! If you think that’s something you’d be up for, let me know

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Hey! I’m Ciara, I’m 18 and from London.
I’m not too sure what I want to do with my gap year but I’d really love to go to the Middle East, if there’s enough interest I’d love to get a group together to go. My friend and I (from Dublin) haven’t organised anything yet as we think it’s probably better to get people together so it’s more inclusive.
So if you fancy a trip to the middle east maybe around December/January hit me up!!


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Hi I’m Olivia I’m 19. I would love to travel to Australia and new Zealand as well as SE Asia such as Bali and Vietnam. If you interested let me know. I have no set plans and would like to travel summer 2018 time

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Hey, Im Lauren and I’m 20. I am also looking to travel in 2018 after i graduate from University. I wold love to go to Australia and possibly work and then also travel to other places around the world. I have no plans yet and I’m not 100% sure on what i want to do.

But if you’re interested please let me know.

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18 year old female looking for someone to travel with
i have not set plans but Thailand Vietnam Australia all seem very exciting to me!
would travel solo but think making memories with other people are so much more fun!
Looking to go end of Feb 2018 - my money runs out! will have to be back for end of august as a start uni in September but even someone to just start my travelling with would be great!
am open to looking for work, good parties and also seeing beautiful places e.g famous waterfall nice beaches

feel free to get in touch! All this seems very daunting yet very exciting atm smile


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Hey Martha, i’m looking to travel beginning of 2018 Australia and the others you mentioned sound good, I’m an 18 y/o male from England add my snapchat jayjayjay42 if you wanna talk more.

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hey martha,

im 19 and looking at travelling in 2018, the same as you. Dont have a time limit on when i want to come home and open minded on where to travel too! i love the sound of south africa and then thailand etc what you said! If your interested, message me on facebook or something.. Lucy Welford !


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Planning to visit Central and South America starting January 2018. After that, I am flexible with the routes (Asia, Russia or Europe).


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What’s up guys, 18 year old guy from London taking a gap year before uni. Currently in Colombia, already spent a month in Mexico. My plan is to spend quite a few more months travelling around South America.

If anyone is around it would be great to meet some people, hit me up!