to travel or settle down?

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to travel or settle down?


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I know that similar threads have been posted what I’m going to say here but I thought I would share anyway…

I’m 33 and having just finished another contracted role at home (in London) about 6 weeks ago I’m out of work. I’ve been in this position many times before.

Right now trying to make a decision whether to stay in London and keep looking for work or go to S America for maybe 2-3 months. Still in two minds about this because I’m pulled by in two directions. My heart is telling me to do what I know I will enjoy which is travelling to this part of the world that I’ve always wanted to go to, perfect my Spanish in the process.  My head though is giving me the red light and is making me hesitant because I fear the consequences of taking yet another break from work. 

I’ve mainly worked in events management for the last 5 years or so doing several short-term roles and one permanent role which I ended up doing for a year.  In my last role which I started July 2016, I was only covering a secondment but when that person didn’t return I was offered an interview for a permanent, full-time position. I was satisfied with the job as I enjoyed it and would have gone full time and stayed there and I thought this was it, I decided to settle down and move on with life….but unfortunately, I didn’t get the full-time job.
Since then I’ve persevered and had three further interviews in the past 6 weeks, all of which I felt I did well in, esp the last one but still no success for my effort despite coming very close to getting one of them.

So I could just stay here and keep looking for work but to be honest my confidence and motivation is dented and I’m losing heart after these setbacks.  Maybe that’s why I’ve seen it as a sign that I need to do this trip to re-energize myself and have a break from this place. 

I feel the difference between myself and others on this forum who are contemplating a break is that I DON’T really HAVE A CAREER. As I said I’ve done mainly short term roles.  It’s less daunting taking a career break when you’ve had 10 solid years of work experience in a specific area or you’re a teacher or doctor or banker and you’ll most certainly have a job waiting for you when you return. I’m not in that position and that’s why I’m hesitating and torn up about going away (even for a few months).

At this age and stage of my life the feeling that I need to settle down with a permanent job/career, family etc. is pretty intense.  I have none of those things, no responsibilities as such so in a way, I’m free to do as I please.  Thing is I do want those responsibilities but life for various reasons hasn’t quite worked out for me in that way.  Not yet found and/or given the opportunity to do a job that I really wanted to do, not found a lady to share my life with, not managed to even get a proper place of my own….

Maybe if I did some volunteering work in Peru that would help fill the gap. If anyone has any suggestions for this that would be great.

Now I know writing on a travel forum means that I’m going to get biased responses but I guess this was more of an inquiry into finding out whether there are other people in my age and stage of life and similar circumstances that feel the same??  I’ve already seen that there but are there those who are in my shoes…i.e. no set career, family, responsibilities etc.  just in this cycle of working - traveling - working ??

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I’m 36 now and in 2014 I found myself in a similar situation. I’m a General manager in hospitality and it’s been a struggle since returning from a 4 month trip to Asia, oz and nz in 2014.

Since returning I haven’t had a role I have really enjoyed and I’m in a situation where I have no responsibilities apart from rent and some loans to pay.

I feel like taking off again although this time I don’t have my cash to take with me but I’m also tempted just say ‘to hell with it’ and just go, but this time more long term.

Can’t decide what to, if I go it’s going to seriously hurt me financially but at the same time it’s only money!