Australia Sep 2017

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Australia Sep 2017

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Hey! I’m Becca, from the midlands, UK

I’m going to Australia in Sep 2017, i have just got my working visa so looking to work and travel around, I’m not sure where to start off but was thinking Melbourne and working my way up the gold coast, i’ve not traveled alone before and i was just looking for a bit of advise or possibly someone to travel with.

if you have any advise or traveling around the same time, let me know!grin 


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I’m also going to Aus in September on a working visa smile same as you - I haven’t travelled alone before and I’m starting to feel a bit nervous about it now!


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Hey Becca,

I’m really up for going in Sept as well, I’ve got my working visa too just haven’t booked any flights yet, just looking for someone to travel with if you want a buddy? Probably split half way as i want to get my 2nd year visa unless you’re going to do that as well?

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Seems my timing is off! I’m going to be there May to August :( if you guys end up coming out sooner shout me up I’ll be around Brisbane way hopefully doing my 3 months in one place (tight timing so I’m limited!)

Good luck with the plans guys x cheese


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Hey guys! I’m Danielle, from Leeds. I’ve already got my visa too and hoping to go out there for the full 2 years to work, but my friend has dropped out so now I am travelling on my own. Hoping to go middle of August (seen cheap flights from London!). I was kinda hoping to go to either Brisbane or Melbourne first but did want to see Sydney too, so up for whatever! I would probably need to get a job at some point, as I’m planing on staying out there as long as possible! Would be good to have someone to go with or meet out there!

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Hey guys… im going alone in september! Looking to do farm work fairly early on as i want to do a 2nd year! Drop me a message on FB if you wanna talk about plans! Jordan Tyldesley

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Hey I’m looking to head out to Australia end of September time,

Going to get a working holiday visa wanting to do the second year also so will be looking for work

Would be good to meet up and have company

Feel free to message me
Cheers j

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Hey, im Victoria, from Newcastle (UK)

I’m heading to Melbourne September 25th! I currently have no further plans from that point - all I have booked is my flights and my working holiday visa. I’d love to have a travel buddy(s), as I was meant to go with a friend but they’ve dropped out so I’m going it alone. I have no idea of how long I’ll be staying, depends on how the job hunt goes, but I’m interested in also going to New Zealand, Thailand, Japan etc.
Anyway, would be great to meet some of you guys if we’re all there at the same time grin