South America - March 2018

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South America - March 2018


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Hello there! I’m a 24 year old female currently living in London. i am starting my travels early January 2018 in Thailand doing volunteer work for 3 weeks and then over to Cambodia for 2 weeks and across to Bali for around 8 days. Here is where my ‘planned’ trip ends and will be free floating as such. I’m looking to head over to south America, starting in Argentina and then travelling up as i would like to head up to central America later. Time is no problem but do not wish to spend months here so not looking to see everything and everything of course, however will be on a budget as us travellers like so hostels would be the place of rest.

Please get in touch if you are looking for a travel buddy through South America and America should you wish for march 2018! or alternativley if you were interested in joining for the first part of the journey too I’m sure thing’S could be arranged if we get along! gringrin