Travel mate/s from November 17 - April 18.

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Travel mate/s from November 17 - April 18.


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Hi all.

I’m looking to go travelling from the beginning of November 2017 until the end of April 2018. I have never left the uk before so will be a totally new experience and would like to have someone to share some fun times with. I’m open to pretty much any destinations. Just really want to get and see the world. hope to hear from some fellow travellers.  All the best Nick


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I was thinking about going travelling and probably working so that I have enough money to do the 2018 Mongol Rally and possibly Route 66 if I have any left. 
I would like to go to as many places for as long as possible.
I haven’t left the UK before or had a job and don’t really want to get a full time job straight after finishing college in June.