SEA and Indonesia- Jan 2018

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SEA and Indonesia- Jan 2018

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I’m looking for a travel buddy for January 2018 onwards to travel for as long as possible!!
I’m 30 and have decided that if I don’t do it now I never will… and I really want to. I’ve got itchy feet so have decided to take a career break and go for it. It’s all a little scary alone tho so looking for people to join me.

I’d really like to go to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, The Phillipines,  Borneo and anywhere else really.
If you’re planning something similar or like the sound of it, let me know.


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Hi Emma.

I’m nick. Just turned 27 and decided it’s time to start travelling.  I’m planning to go in October for at least 6months possibly more. I’m open to going pretty much anywhere and just want some adventure. Would be great to have a travel buddy as none of my friends are up for it.  Anyway hope to hear from you.  Nick.