SE Asia (December-September)2017- 2018

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SE Asia (December-September)2017- 2018

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I´m going to travel SE Asia & Hong Kong ,Philippines, Tokyo & Seoul 3 months total & Planning to live 5 months in Thailand . 1 month In Pai 1 month in Chiang Mai, 1 month in Phuket , 1 month in Pattaya , 1 month in Ao Nang.

Looking forward to visiting:
Thailand ,Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam,Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia ,Philippines, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul

I´m looking mainly for sightseeing the main cities as much as the rural areas . Things like riding elephants, Snorkling , Relaxing in Bali , Koh Chang a really relaxing little island , Watching Muai Thai at some point in Bangkok . Going out at night for a drink or a nearby place to chill out , although i don´t drink alcohol i wouldn´t mind every once in a while .

My trip starts around December. My budget is about 35$ per night depending on the country , There are some locations that you can get your own Hotel room really cheap like Chiang Mai.