SE Asia (December-September)2017- 2018

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SE Asia (December-September)2017- 2018

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I´m going to travel SE Asia & Hong Kong ,Philippines, Tokyo & Seoul 3 months total & Planning to live 5 months in Thailand . 1 month In Pai 1 month in Chiang Mai, 1 month in Phuket , 1 month in Pattaya , 1 month in Ao Nang.

Looking forward to visiting:
Thailand ,Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam,Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia ,Philippines, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul

I´m looking mainly for sightseeing the main cities as much as the rural areas . Things like riding elephants, Snorkling , Relaxing in Bali , Koh Chang a really relaxing little island , Watching Muai Thai at some point in Bangkok . Going out at night for a drink or a nearby place to chill out , although i don´t drink alcohol i wouldn´t mind every once in a while .

My trip starts around December. My budget is about 35$ per night depending on the country , There are some locations that you can get your own Hotel room really cheap like Chiang Mai.

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I’m from Canada and I have plans to go to India around the end of 2017. It’s more like “voluntourism”, traveling overseas to help out important projects. It could be something really fun if you wanted to switch up your activities, especially if you’d already be in (SE) Asia.

I’m just throwing that out there! It will most likely be in Udaipur, Rajasthan, which is a city full of ancient architectures and colourful culture. There’s a whole to do and see there smile

If you’re at all interested, check out my post on POD Volunteer-INDIA-November/December 2017!

Let me know if you have any questions smile