Wanderlust - Travel from June through End of Year

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Wanderlust - Travel from June through End of Year


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Looking for some cheap travel. I am a 28 year old male, single. Born in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Never been in a relationship. A bit shy and always too focused on studies and work. Recently left a job voluntarily that was paying me a decent six figure salary. Have always rented and have nothing holding me down.

Want to travel. Was thinking of flying east from the United States and starting in either Tenerife or Cape Verde for a beach vacation. Spend a few weeks there and then head towards Thailand. Maybe hit Europe. I am very open, though. No plans or bookings yet.

Despite having no debt and some good savings I want to do this on the cheap. Hoping to find places with low costs of living where food and lodging is cheap, find $10/night hostels or AirBnBs. Camping or backpacking would be fine too.

Want to try and come out of my shell. Been a working professional, most recently a lead for a massive organization. Always been driven and never found time to enjoy life, cultivate a relationship, or just have fun. Suffered as a result from depression and OCD - handwashing then sexual aversion. Both of which I tried to treat by just throwing pharmaceutical solutions at from psychiatrists. All to help me fuel a climb up the corporate ladder, which I did successfully.
I finally had enough! I need to learn how to relax. This is a journey of self-discovery. Not to be corny but maybe a little bit of Eat, Pray, Love. I want to push my limits. I want to overcome fears. Discover what I like and want and seize the day! Do things I’ve never done before.

Would love to find travel companions. Never done anything like this before. A little scared and would appreciate someone to experience and learn with and from. Could help split costs, but more than that, help me see what I have missed and learn how to live. I can even foot the bill where needed.

Just seeing if anyone is interested. Very flexible on where I go and when.



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I’m in a similar situation, where I want to do something to help make me more confident and not have to worry about things.

I haven’t had a job, as I have been trying to get everything done for college which should finish by the end of June and have been wanting to travel to help me see who I am but don’t have the confidence to go on my own.

I only have savings at the moment and can’t find a job (after applying to multiple but not getting anywhere it not having the confidence to apply for something that has a lot of customer facing) so would have to do wondering cheap as well as saying up to do the 2018 Mongol Rally. I was thinking about possibly working while travelling to help choice the costs or finding a way to do this, maybe documenting it but would test the confidence I have