InterRailing in 2017

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InterRailing in 2017

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Hi guys - 24 year old guy looking for help and advice about InterRailing this summer.

I’m planning on travelling Europe this year as I’ve just finished a four year degree. I’m at the very start of my planning. Any suggestions or help wouldn’t go a miss.

If you’re thinking the same maybe we could get in contact to help eachother plan as im useless at that kind of thing.

Hopefully hear from some people soon


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I am planning on Interailing round Europe during my summer this year, as I am currently at university at King’s College London.

Maybe we could get in touch to help each other plan?

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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I have been thinking about travelling for a while but don’t want to go on my own and haven’t left the UK before or had a job to help save more money

I’m not too bothered about places, but would have to be cheap or working while travelling, as I’m looking to do the 2018 Mongol Rally and possibly carry on travelling after