Looking for travel partner(s) for Summer 2018

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Looking for travel partner(s) for Summer 2018

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Hey everyone,

My name’s (Oli)ver and I’m 18, from the UK, and sitting my A-Levels this summer. I’m taking a year out between school and university, where I’ll be working, learning some languages, and travelling, before I head off to Leeds Uni to study Modern Languages. All of my friends are either too scared to go and experience the world, or are going straight off to university, which is why I’m searching around here for people to go with smile

As you probably guessed, I’m fascinated by languages and cultures, always wanting to get a sense of the people and have authentic experiences. I’m relatively well travelled for my age, I’ve been to some more out of the way places in my time, including Lithuania and Serbia, as well as France, Germany, Belgium and the states. I’m also very, very sport and exercise orientated, so if we go somewhere I’ll most likely make sure to go downhill mountain biking, snowboarding or skiing etc. etc. (basically all the stuff you see on cool GoPro videos are what I want to try). An example, my friends went dune buggying in Dubai, which would be awesome to try!

I’m completely open to going anywhere, at this stage just want to find people to go with. Note also, that I’m not the kind of guy who enjoys sleeping rough and not knowing where my next meal is coming from while travelling. That kind of uncertainty stops me taking in the location I find, so I’d most likely stay in hostels etc., so traveliing cheaply but comfortably smile

If this sounds interesting for you, hit me up with an email (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)) or message me here or whatever you want so we can start to work something.

Just an FYI, I’ve already found a Chinese person who’s keen to travel around the summer of next year. Hopefully my dream of seeing the world with a mixture of many different nationalities, languages, world perspectives may still come true :D

So yeah, if you think the proposal sounds good in any way, let me know smile

Sorry for the long post…wink

Looking forward to hearing from anyone,

Oliver cool smile