Travel friends for 2018!!!!

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Travel friends for 2018!!!!


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Hey everyone,
Just an 18 year old from the Gold Coast, Queensland looking to travel all over Europe, maybe even touching on parts of the Middle East (Jerusalem, Jordan etc.). History and rich culture really do interest me so you can imagine I’m looking to see some amazing artefacts, ruins and things of the liking. Also, being young free spirit that I am, I’m up for whatever festival and adventure sport that comes my way.

Yes, I’m currently at university however I’m planning to do my uni course online, I’m sure for the people who love to travel, you know what its like being unsatisfied with the same old scenery type thing.

Unfortunately my friends aren’t as travel enthused as I am, so I figured I’d try my luck with some like minded people on here - if we could get a group of both males and females, that would be awesome!!

I’m wanting to do work and travel programs in the different destinations that we stop at, as I’m looking to be travelling for quite a while. Maybe even learning abit of languages. I have not actually planned anything in stone yet, but I assure you I’ve been browsing the web for months trying to connect a few dots of the journey. The only thing stopping me is finding adventurous people to share this experience with!!

Let me know, I’d love to organise to talk!!