Australia September 2017 - any potential buddies travelling there?

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Australia September 2017 - any potential buddies travelling there? 

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Hey! I’m a 23 (soon to be 24) year old chef working in the north east of England, wanting to travel before I have a chance to regret not doing so!

I’m hoping to head to aussieland September 25th, I’ve only booked my flights to Melbourne and my visa so so far I have no solid plans. I have a work visa just in case I can get a job because the food scene in Australia, especially around Melbourne, is great and I’d feel like I could learn a lot.

I currently have a return booked before Christmas *just* to ensure I stay out for at least that long, as I can be shy and a bit of a comfort zone kind of girl, but it’s flexible and open to change! Especially if I can find work.

It’s my first time as a true solo traveller - I’ve done a contiki trip to Italy before, and am tempted to do one in Aus just to start me off especially if I know no one but I’m open to any suggestions you might have grin

I’m hoping to meet some like minded people on here who are heading to Australia around the same time and fancy having someone to travel with. I’d like to think I’m pretty easy going, good company, and easy to get along with grin

I’m also hoping to go to New Zealand, Japan and possibly Thailand whilst I’m over in the east, but have nothing booked as of yet.

Hope to hear from some of you guys smile