MIDDLE EAST 2017/2018!!!!

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MIDDLE EAST 2017/2018!!!!

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Hey everyone, I posted on here a while back about a trip to the Middle East and managed to get a response from a great gal! So we’re still looking for people to travel with us, a big group is far better than just two girls! We obviously haven’t gone into details too much but we’re looking to travel hopefully in December 2017/January 2018 to all sorts of countries in the Middle East. We’re thinking Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman and Israel (maybe)etc etc but its completely, completely flexible. Better maybe to get a group together and organise things so its more inclusive. So hit me up if you’re interested, or even a little curious!!

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Hey, I’m def interested! Message me if you have any details about potential dates etc x


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hi I am Interested in some countries if you have a plan MSG me