New Zealand + More - Looking to book now

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New Zealand + More - Looking to book now


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I am looking to book a trip to New Zealand as soon as possible really. I think I would probably aim for the end of August, but I am flexible. I’d also be open to joining in on something already planned if I can get a rough plan.

I like to be active, so hiking, surfing, climbing all up my street. I’m not sure how long I would be willing to stay tbf. Ideally, I would like to stay in New Zealand 1-3 months, then do some travelling around Thailand, Vietnam, Laos etc. Possibly go somewhere do a ski season but I’m not sure how that would work. Could be getting ahead of myself here.

I would be looking to do some work over there if I stay longer than a couple of months, I don’t have much money, unfortunately :(  I’m very laid back and easy going, so anything is fair game.

Boys and Girls are welcome on my adventure, so say hi if you definitely want to go New Zealand plus some other countries around Asia. I’m 23 and from the UK.

If there is a thread similar to this, i did look. Maybe not hard enough, but post it in so i can have a look smile Thanks

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Hey! I’m heading out to NZ this October. Will initially be staying with family, but I’m really wanted to hire a camper van and do a bit of travelling. Also thinking about heading to aus. My plans are super relaxed. Mainly going to see what happens!