Money back on Interrailing Passes?

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Money back on Interrailing Passes?


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Hi! This post is aimed at anyone about to buy an interrailing pass (or multiple passes) from (for use within the next 11 months).

I had purchased two promotional (non-refundable passes) for this summer that I am no longer able to use. I have contacted the company about the possibility of refunding these passes and they have advised on the following;

- The passes are non-refundable, unless a new order is placed to the same or higher value (£573 for the pair).
- The money can be refunded if another traveller purchases one/multiple passes, and supplies the order number which can then be referenced against mine.

Thinking that if anyone is buying the passes anyway then we could share order numbers, I will get a refund on the price of tickets that I am unable to use then pass on £150 to you that can be seen as a discount on tickets that were being bought anyway - so everyone is a winner!

The only thing to take into consideration is that my passes are valid from 10/7/2017 so any new order would have to be placed and paid for in advance of this date.  Let me know if this is of any interest to anyone.