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Go round the world


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Hello guys,

Young Parisian being in London to improve my English, I wish to go on the adventure now. Preferably early on January 2017 for a duration of 1 year!

Curious about what the world has in store for me, I want to travel to unusual places and meet people from other cultures.

In search of one or more co-travellers, between 20 and 28 years old, sporty, resourceful and who are not against the unexpected ...
The most would be to speak several languages.

The route is not set, the dates also. Just a willingness to go with his backpack and forget the luxury for a moment.

Enjoying, learning, helping are the keywords.
Also, some countries that I want to go : 
Argentina - Australia - Brazil - Bulgaria - Cambodia - China - Costa Rica - Cuba - Ecuador - Fiji - India - New Zealand - Dominican Republic - Russia

Be free to text me,
Hope to heard you soon!