POD Volunteer-INDIA-November/December 2017!

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POD Volunteer-INDIA-November/December 2017!

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Hello wonderful people of the world!

My name is Manpreet and I am from Canada smile My gap year starts this September, but I don’t have any plans until mid October, when I will be visiting India.

I am interested in volunteering at a project with POD Volunteer. So to cut down on costs, I planned on doing one of their projects near the end of November, in India, since I’d already be there.

I am very flexible with what project you’d like to volunteer with (Animal Rescue, Child Care, Community Education, etc.) and for how long you’d like to do it (2+ weeks). You can also combine projects.

All of POD Volunteer’s projects in India are situated in Udaipur, Rajasthan, which is a historic and beautiful place to tour as well! During out first week of the stay, we’d get daily Hindi lessons. Volunteers who stay longer get a tour of the main attractions in Udaipur, including the Monsoon Palace and Jain Temple. Of course, there would be a place to stay and food to eat.

Check out the organization! It’s great.

The problem is that since I was born in late December, I’m still 17, and cannot enjoy the same privileges as my fellow 18 year old peers, even though we’re on the same page of graduating high school and moving on in our lives. So I’m stuck.

I’ll be turning 18 on the 23rd of December, but that is almost a month of a gap between the end of my trip in Punjab, India and when I’d be “adult” enough to volunteer with this organization.

But, my friends, there is a loophole!

If I travel with someone who is 18+ years old, I can stop worrying about all of this haha. So I am looking for ANY kind, open-minded and 18+ year old person who would enjoy volunteering for a good cause. If this fits in with your plans, or you are unsure and need a plan, this is it! We should do this smile

Heck, why 1 person? It can be a group! I don’t mind haha,
If anyone is interested or if you have more questions, let me know!

Looking forward to this.


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I have been thinking about doing some volunteering in another country, as I’m struggling to find a job, but don’t want to go on my own and haven’t left the UK before but i am 19.

I don have any plans until July 2018 when i should be doing the Mongol Rally.

I have also been thinking about working while travelling to help over the rest if the costs and try to save more


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Hey Charlotte!

So glad you’re interested. I’ve messaged you the details smile

Everyone else, don’t hesitate to message me smile