Road trip to the US

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Road trip to the US


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Hello all,

I am really excited, and a bit worried too.
We are planning a road trip to Ohio in a few months time. It is going to be my first cross country road trip. But there is a small issue.
A few years ago, I was convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol. But that was a long time ago and I had served a term at the rehab. That was a past mistake.

But it seems like the dark shades of my past still follow me. I have been told that there are some restrictions for DUI convicts to enter the USA. There are chances that I will be restricted entry at the borders.
I really can’t miss this trip. Just so disappointed that my past is still haunting me. I never knew that DUI is such a big offense that it would restrict my entry to the US.

Now I want to know, what can be done. I was reading online about the US waiver. A Waiver is a pre-approval from the U.S. government that allows entry into the U.S. without hassle. I would like to know how this can be obtained? And how long does the whole procedure take? Will I have to postpone my trip?
Please help me if you have any knowledge regarding this.