2018 travel buddies

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2018 travel buddies

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Hi guys,

I am currently planning to travel in 2018. I’m thinking of somewhere like Australia and then to New Zealand for a little but I am open to suggestions. I am planning to be travelling for around 1-2 months. This will be my first time travelling overseas so I am a little nervous and I am looking for some travel buddies! If anybody is interested just message me and we can discuss ideas. Thanks, Emmagrin


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Hey Emma, I’m a first time young traveler too looking to do a similar trip in 2018. If you have any interest in talking feel free to message me.

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Hi guys I would get on the internet and look in to places you want to go and see what other people have done smile
I don’t want to burst your bubble by any means but to travel oz and New Zealand I think you need abit more than 2 months smile

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Hello! I’m Annie. I turn 18 next year and will be keen on taking a GAP year. I have zero plans year and would like to begin planning once I get a travel friend. I would love to visit more of SE Asia : Thailand, Singapore, Philippines etc. I also have Australia and New Zealand in mind. I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - so if you happen to stop here during your travels I could show you around for a bit and we can go off to a new country!

I also would like to work whilst travelling to earn some extra funds for my travelling needs. I am clueless on how to do any of this so would be nice if someone could advise me on how to do it! Volunteer work will also be something I’m keen on doing while travelling.

I’m always down for a good party, but I would like to explore the country as much as I can do about anything crazy I can afford. This will be a budget backpack trip, just so I can fully utilise my funds for all the countries I intend on visiting.

Please let me know if you’re keen so we can start planning this adventure together!

Best Wishes,
Annie x