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Gap year 2018

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Hello! I’m planning to start my gap year travelling around august/September 2018 time. I’d love to go on an all around the world trip to places like Vietnam, Bali, Philippines, India, Thailand, Australia and places in South America along with little islands on the way to these countries

My friend and I will both be 18 around that time next year after finishing college and would love someone to accompany us on our travels

We kind of have where we’d like to go mapped out in order and we are looking into doing things like volunteering with animals and children in some countries and definitely taking part in fun activities like surfing, rock climbing, bungee jumping and pretty much anything we can afford!

If this sounds appealing to you please message me grin
Preferably looking for someone around our age and male (this would make my mum feel a lot better about letting us go to the more dangerous countries LOL)